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*********************************************************************** ************* Temporarily - NO ORDERS PLEASE – Temporarily *************

12/02/2021 Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers while I was under the weather. It has been a loooooong road but now I'm back and ready to go.

Covid has destroyed several of my main supplers from whom I purchased the ingredients for my foods and labor shortages is impacting others. I'm diligently working with former and new suppliers from both coasts and the gulf to find the ingredients needed and continue to work to ensure I can offer competitive pricing.

I'll be making my foods and listing them for sale ASAP however I do not expect to begin receiving ingredients until early in 2022. I hope I'm wrong but it is appearing as if it will take months and months until I will be able to acquire enough ingredients to have my full compliment of foods listed, more especially, at the same time. In the meantime, as soon as I make any particular food, I'll list it. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

********************** NEW FOODS AVAILABLE ************************

I'm pleased to announce that I have three new foods. The first is BROWN Betta Pellets in addition to the RED ones. The second is Cichlid micro sticks. Thirdly, I am now offering my Salt Water food in Micro sticks versus flakes, by popular demand.

************************* SHIPPING NOTICE *************************

PLEASE NOTE: My shipping schedule will be very random for 2020 and there will be times when I will not be able to ship the next business day, as has always been my practice. There will also be times when I will not have access to a PC to personally acknowledge your order for a few days, which also goes against my normal practice. Please be sure to check this shipping notice when placing an order.



Thanks for your understanding, -Ed


********************** END OF SPECIAL NOTICES ********************** ********************************************************************


Offered here is a top quality "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" which I feed to my own fish. In my humble opinion, I am feeding a top quality product at prices that are far less then anything you or I could purchase elsewhere considering the ingredients. The bottom line is that I am no longer being selfish and keeping these flake foods and pellets to myself. I'm making it available and offering it to other hobbyists to feed to their tropical fish. As I said, this is truly a hobbyist to hobbyist driven offer.


Over and above the quantities you see here, large bulk quantities are also available. Keep in mind that it might take an extra week or two to complete a special order for you. If you are attracted to a large bulk purchase, please send me an e-mail and let me know what you are interested in.

If you order a large bulk quantity (anything more then 10 pounds), it is NOT vacuum sealed. It is put into a regular large plastic bag, actually double or triple bagged, boxed and shipped to you. It will be up to you to package it anyway you see fit. For each 10 pounds of bulk food you order, you will be charged the price of 7 pounds of the same food. You will not be able to get this bulk price on-line, so send me an eMail if you are interested. Thanks.


When you register yourself on my web site, it does NOT mean that you will be bombarded with e-mails from me. In fact, quite the opposite is true. I have my web site set up so that by default, you are NOT automatically subscribed to receive newsletters from me. In order to receive newsletters from me, you must elect to subscribe yourself at registration time. In actuality, I DO NOT send out newsletters, however, from time to time I will send you an e-mail. For more information on the content of the e-mails I send out, please read my comments in the "Limited Time Only" category - that very well may help to make up your mind as to the decision you make concerning subscribing to my newsletters/e-mails.


From time to time, I have been asked the question "What is the best way to store fish food"? Well in a nut shell, fish foods have THREE worst enemies. Do your best to protect your fish foods from all three of its enemies.

In no specific order, Air, Heat and Light are the three worst enemies of fish food. It does not matter whose fish food we are referring to. It could be mine or it could be a major brand name you purchased in your local fish store. The bottom line is that Air, Heat and Light are its worst enemies.

AIR - You should store your fish food in a container that would eliminate as much air as possible. If you use bags with a zip lock type of top, you should zip it 3/4 of the way closed, gently squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and then zip it the remainder of the way closed. You can always reuse some of your old fish food containers also. Just make sure the old fish food container has a tight lid - many do not. Additionally, there are vacuum sealers that are made for home use. The companies who make them also offer optional reusable containers, which can easily be vacuum-sealed after each use. This might be considered an extreme, but with the exception of opening the container to feed your fish, it will ultimately keep your fish food air tight all of the time.

LIGHT - Store your fish food in a dark place. You do not want direct or indirect light to get to it, more especially, on a consistent and/or regular basis. You might decide to put your food into a second opaque container that light cannot penetrate.

HEAT - Store your fish food in a cool place. One example would be the coolest place of your house - i.e. generally speaking, your basement. Others store their food right in their refrigerator, which would be the best place of all. Now the refrigerator might not be as easy as one might think - your spouse may have something to say about that!!! If you cannot convince your spouse to keep your fish food in your family refrigerator, a good option would be to purchase one of the little mini refrigerators that are only a couple of cubic feet in size. They are relatively inexpensive, will serve the purpose extremely well, will not take up much room and ultimately, keep your spouse happy and your fish food very fresh!!!


I know that I use PayPal on my site, but PayPal will accept credit cards as well – they just do not seem to make it obvious. Mayhaps you might not notice the credit card thing - PayPal makes it very obscure – you would not be the first person to miss it!

When you go to your Shopping Cart screen, there are several options at the bottom of the page - "back to shopping", "estimate shipping", "go to checkout" and "PayPal Checkout". Select PayPal Checkout.

From the next screen, you have the option of logging into your PayPal account (if you have one) OR the option of entering your credit card info for your payment.

Hope this helps. .

Thank you!!


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